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Tree Trimming, Pruning, & Removal

Keeping the trees on your property looking their best starts with Pena Tree Services. Our tree trimming and pruning services are environmentally sustainable and suited to your individual needs. Overgrown trees are not only unsightly, but they can be hazardous too! They can crowd too close to your home, interfere with roofing, and become entangled in power lines. You can count on our friendly, hardworking team members to provide thorough service and help protect your property for the long haul.

Whether a particular tree in your yard has been deemed unstable or you'd simply like to remove a tree that is crowding your yard and blocking sunlight, our team can provide removal services that are safe and effective at preventing property damage.

Palm Tree Service & Removal

Living in Southern California means that beautiful palm trees are a wildlife staple! If you have palm trees in your yard, you need a specialist you can trust to maintain their health and attractiveness. That's where Pena Tree Services comes in.

Whether palm branches are obstructing your view or they've simply begun to look unruly, Pena Tree Services can provide trimming and pruning services to keep them looking their best. Our team will remove dead, damaged, overgrown, and diseased branches to enhance tree health and reduce your liabilities.

If you find that one of your palm trees is structurally unstable and at risk of causing severe damage to your home, our team offers safe and effective removal services that will help you rest easy, knowing your property is out of harm's way. Or if you need trees removed from your construction site, we can do that, too!

Stump Grinding & Removal

An unsightly stump in your yard takes up green space you could use for other purposes. There's no reason to let an old stump get in the way of your aspirations when Pena Tree Services is just a phone call away!

Our grinding and removal techniques safely and efficiently remove the stump to provide a fresh start for your next home improvement project. Whether you're building a shed, garden bed, or driveway, or are simply tired of looking at it, we've got you covered.

Commercial Tree Services

We also extend all tree services to our commercial customers. When you own a business, keeping your property looking neat and tidy can make a world of difference to your customers and clients. From restaurants to office buildings to schools, our team can help maintain the appearance of the trees on your property to boost your curb appeal and protect your investment.

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